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You may have seen images of an entranced person lightly walking barefoot across a bed of red hot coals without a single blister. Perhaps you’ve heard about how a hypnotized person sitting quietly in a chair can feel no pain when a needle is stuck into his arm. The person may even have his eyes open and be watching the process. This is the type of phenomena often associated with trance and other altered states of consciousness.

The movie, What the Bleep Do We Know!? has people talking about what constitutes reality and how our consciousness affects it. In this film, the strange realm of Quantum Physics serves as the launching point into an alternate perspective of the universe. The message of the film is simple: our consciousness does have a role in creating the reality we experience.

You may be in bed at home, in a car, or outside somewhere, when you are disturbed by strange bodily vibrations or sounds, some kind of light, a sense of paralysis, the close-up sighting of an odd craft, or the appearance of one or more humanoid beings. Experiencing varying degrees of anxiety, you are taken against your will, floated through walls, doors, windows or out of your car, into a room that contains computerlike and other technical equipment.

Recently I encountered a world-view called deep ecology which is shifting my view of myself as well as my views toward ancient man. Traditional science depicts the development of man as a linear ascent from the most primitive to modern. However, ancient myths and legends describe man as having been recreated or evolving over and over, developing civilizations which in turn collapsed and disappeared.

In beginning to write on the connection between intuition and healing I sense a whole chain of connections, they mirror each other. I’ve been researching and experiencing aspects of consciousness, the subconscious, and extended human capacities for many years. I am constantly surprised delighted by what I find. I’ll briefly explore how developing intuition can lead us into a more healthy and holistic lifestyle.

The weather is overcast and rain threatens, yet I am filled with energy. I am standing where prehistoric peoples once lived, in a grove of aspen trees next to a small creek which flows out of the mountains of central Montana. I am a member of a small group of people exploring what may be the future of scientific research. George McMullen a Canadian in his seventies and an intuitive archaeologist, is the reason this group is here. McMullen is a world-traveled intuitive who has worked on ancient archaeological sites around the world.

Behind closed doors in science, business, and academia, clandestine meetings are taking place. A large university has problems with its computers. Normal troubleshooting procedures don't solve the problem. A person considered to possess extrasensory perception, usually referred to as a "psychic," is called in. She intuitively locates a break in a sealed cable where one was neither seen nor suspect. In another case a doctor sends samples of blood, hair and saliva to an intuitive for help in diagnosing a patient's illness.

Almost all of us have had some experience with intuition, such as; getting a gut feeling about someone you’ve met, knowing who’s calling on the phone before you pick it up, a deja vu experience, knowing something someone is about to say, or even knowing what’s in a gift before you open it. These kinds of experiences, though fairly common, seem to happen spontaneously and at random leaving us wondering what exactly happened. This doesn’t need to be so.

Blood; thick, viscid, potent fluid. The word blood carries almost as much meaning and power to our psyches as the actual substance does to our bodies. It captures our attention. It is the bringer of life and death and powerful experiences. We feel, as modern 'evolved' humans, that we have left the blood worship and blood sacrifice of our past behind us, yet the gruesome and the macabre still reach out and demand our attentions. What is the strange power of the blood pulsing in our veins? Is there now and has there always been a sacred creative power latent within our blood.

I'm standing sheltered from the relentless wind blowing down off the Rocky Mountain Front inside a large limestone cave high above the Smith River in Central Montana. On the walls and ceiling of the cave are numerous pictographs painted in red. There are four-legged animal figures, turtles, geometric figures, dots and other unrecognizable patterns. In the cool untroubled air of this cave it seems that all the activity recorded on these walls has long since faded into the past, leaving only these images.