A Joyful Intuition

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"Joyful Intuition is a juicy mix of expert perceptual and intuitive guidance that, true to its title, is full of aliveness and fun, while offering plenty of solid direction to help the reader expand into their intuitive knowing.  The practical guidance and cumulative exercises are excellent." - Belleruth Naparstek, LISW, BCD


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A Joyful Intuition is a hands-on guide to help people break the cycle of stress, tension and disconnect that they feel from themselves, their family, and their work. This book is a practical, down to earth guide to help people relieve the stress of their lives and get more in touch with their own creative source. With this easy to read, insightful manual people can find meaning in the day-to-day activities of their lives and feel more joyful.

A Joyful Intuition helps people learn to use their internal wisdom to live a happy, healthy life. Simple and practical intuitive techniques are clearly explained. This book’s exercises will help people learn to trust their own intuitive perceptions and use them in their daily lives. Learning how to live life guided by the intelligence in the heart, mind and body can be a joyful, healing experience. As people read through A Joyful Intuition, they can enjoy the experience of learning to trust themselves and the innate intelligence from within.


"Joyful Intuition takes you deep into the healing territory of intuition and also leaves you with a map so that you can return again and again. Patrick Marsolek is a powerful practitioner who shares a very precise and grounded knowledge of things which are luminous and transformational." - James O' Dea, visionary activist and former President of The Institute of Noetic Sciences.

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