Sleep Trance Exploration - Sleep Better



Sleep Better and deeper.
Patrick Marsolek leads you through a guided hypnotic journey into the hypnagogic state with intention, suggestion, relaxation techniques, nature sounds, and binaural beat frequencies.
Track 1 - Exploration - 74:52

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Price: $16.00
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What are Binaural Beat Frequencies?

All Inner Workings Resources CDs use Binaural Beat Frequency technology. Binaural beats are auditory brainstem responses which result from the interaction of two different sounds in opposite ears. For example, if a pure tone of 400 Hz enters the right ear and a tone of 410 Hz enters simultaneously in the left ear, a 10 Hz tone is heard, the difference between the two tones.This binaural beat is used to entrain the brain to this frequency.

These binaural beats are used to create these low frequencies of sound that stimulate the brain but are lower than the audible range of sound and are ofter "heard" as a pulsation or a beat. Binaural-beat stimulation can encourage access to altered states of consciousness, including states of increased learning and creativity.

Your subjective experience in response to this form of stimulation may result in a sense of an altered awareness, enjoy that experience and learn from it. This response can be influenced by many mediating factors.

For example, the willingness and ability of the listener to relax and focus attention in different ways may contribute to the effectiveness of this stimulation to induce state changes. Like any other skill, it may take practice and familiarity to enjoy the full benefits of this technology.