Communication Workshop reminder

Greetings folks,

Just a quick reminder. Aimee and I are offering another day-long retreat/workshop out in Potomac. As before, this day long workshop will incorporate the basics of the Compassionate Communication model. The focus this time is on Workplace communication strategies and these tools and techniques would also certainly apply in all aspects of our lives, including family dynamics, and personal awareness practices.
Please feel free to pass along this information to others you know who would be interested!
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Effective Workplace Communication - Missoula
Are you wanting tools for:
• Effective decision making?
• Team Building?
• Conflict Resolution?
• Increased productivity?
Join us for a day-long workshop where you’ll learn and practice skills to support effective workplace communication, efficient collaboration, and creative decision making. This training aims to give you tools to turn frustrating workplace relationships and lifeless meetings into spaces for clarity, teamwork and purposeful action. 

Saturday, October 22nd • 10:00 am to 4:00 pm

Second Chance, Potomac, MT

Cost: $80  

Register online here:

For more information, contact Patrick.

5 CEU's for OPI

Workshop will be held in a 30’ Yurt in Potomac, approx. 40 minutes from Missoula. Directions will be provided. 

Snacks provided, bring your own lunch! 

Aimee Ryan is a Certified NVC Trainer with the Center for Nonviolent 
Communication, a Certified Mediator, and an experienced faciltator. She works with individuals, groups and organizations to support them in becoming their fullest selves and bringing their greatest potential to the world.

Patrick Marsolek is a Clinical Hypnotherapist, author and facilitator. He works with businesses, individuals and families on how to communicate effectively and compassionately. Read more about Patrick.