Science Meets the Sacred

I'm standing sheltered from the relentless wind blowing down off the Rocky Mountain Front inside a large limestone cave high above the Smith River in Central Montana. On the walls and ceiling of the cave are numerous pictographs painted in red. There are four-legged animal figures, turtles, geometric figures, dots and other unrecognizable patterns. In the cool untroubled air of this cave it seems that all the activity recorded on these walls has long since faded into the past, leaving only these images.

Enter George McMullen, an elderly, unassuming, Canadian man. He moves slowly around the cave, pausing occasionally to examine a pictograph. Then he quietly describes what he sees in the cave around him. "This cave was very important to the native people that lived here a long time ago. To them it was the womb of Mother Nature and from her womb came the new chief of the tribe. The chiefs and Shaman of the tribe took the pregnant girl in here and waited until the baby was born." He points to a small natural alcove in the rear of the cave where the birth took place. "If the baby was not a boy then the mother and baby were thrown over the cliff to their deaths. Although, in later times they were more compassionate and allowed the mother and child to go back to their own tribe. When a male baby was born there was rejoicing, for Mother Earth had given them a new chief."

But How? How could these time worn stones elicit such vivid images? George is describing a scene that he sees in front of him as if it were actually happening in the present. He calls this ability to access information from the past "Intuitive Archaeology". As the late Dr. Norman Emerson, one of the founders of Canadian Archaeology, said "Intuition has been described as the immediate learning or knowing of something without the conscious use of reasoning. In actual fact, the whole research program defies reason and the usual concept of the rational man. The ultimate implications of this alliance of archaeology and parapsychology are, to say the least, mind-boggling."

Though George possessed strange "psychic" abilities from childhood it was only later in life that he began to utilize these abilities to unravel the secrets of the past. In 1969 he met Dr. Emerson. This meeting and resulting friendship eventually led to an awareness of George's capabilities, which Dr. Emerson used on several archaeological sites in Ontario Canada. Together the two began to develop the potential of using intuitive information as an archaeological tool; and at several sights Dr. Emerson was able to verify George's reports with excavation. George has continued to practice "intuitive archaeology" at sites as far afield as Ecuador, Columbia, France and Israel. His work in Egypt with the Mobius Group has been written up in the books "The Secret Vaults of Time" and "The Alexandria Project."

Several scientific efforts have been made to explain this intuitive sense and other paranormal phenomena. The most popular approach is by expanding the basic laws of physics which demands modifications of the present scientific paradigms. There are many amazing possibilities. Physicist William Tiller suggests a hyperspace hypothesis. He proposes different kinds of energies that modulate and amplify in three, four, five and six dimensional space. These different energy bands interact synergistically and coherently. Robert O. Becker, M.D., suggests "electronic control systems within the body that serve as the substrate for our internal control and communications systems. Application of the same technology to the relationship between the external energies in the Earth's geomagnetic field and living organisms has revealed that living things are intimately related to this field and derive vital, basic information from it." Also, Nuclear Engineer Thomas Bearden proposes the existence of "scalar fields", vast information fields that have magnitude but no motion. He says, "The spirit of the living system is – in the virtual state – everywhere in the universe – and everywhen as well. It's all a giant hologram, not only in space, but in space-time."

Perhaps George is tapping into some of these potentials. His track record is amazingly accurate, and even his unsubstantiated reports seem to ring true. In this cave on the Smith river, some women have reported extreme difficulties in the cave; to the extent of becoming temporarily paralyzed or experiencing a strong aversion to the cave and feeling nauseous. These feelings, however, dissipate a short time after leaving the cave.

The way George describes his experiences is that he is contacted by "spirit guides" that show him what information the place or peoples in the past want to show him. One guide, who had been dead 400 years, showed him extensively the events of his own life in a Huron village in Ontario, which George wrote into the book "Red Snake".

In George's most recent book, "One White Crow," he quotes a paper that Dr. Emerson presented to the Canadian Archaeological Association, "The revolution that I posit is the emergence of those things that have proven to be good in these two great historical traditions… the wedding or welding of intuition and science. Such a revolution is being spurred by the recognition of such men as George, who demonstrates that his "powers" are neither unique nor supernormal… that they are not a "gift," divine or otherwise, but that they are part and parcel of the human animal and go back to the dawn of prehistory.

"Such a new human evolution is not only possible, but seems to be with us already in the cooperation of the scientist and the psychic and the great wave of interest that the general public is showing in everything of this nature. Perhaps ultimately there will be an emergence of both these strains in the ordinary human being."

copyright – 2002 Patrick Marsolek