Mediation Services

Resolving Conflicts and Restoring Relationships

Mediation can help you to a more connective, empowered solution.

Patrick Marsolek is a professionally trained mediator with an extensive background with communication skills, Listening and therapeutic understanding of individuals. He can assist in solving a wide range of challenging situations with compassion, clarity and efficiency. He is comfortable working both inside and outside the court system.

Through mediation, Patrick helps guide individuals towards more clarity in their own individuals goals and needs while helping them to move towards an open exchange of ideas for shared understanding and agreement. Mediation is an informal process where Patrick neutrally guides parties to be able to express, hear others and move through conflict. The mediation process brings people to a more forward looking, positive stance where better communication and shared respect and understand can continue for the long run. 

Common mediation needs:

  • Family Mediation –  Difficult family conversations can be held more easily with a skilled mediator.  Mediation promotes empowered decisions, decreases tension, protects the children and ensures everyone has a voice. Whether helping families working to stay together or families going through dissolution, mediation helps all parties feel heard and develop a mutually respectful environment. Family-related disputes Patrick can help with include:
    • Divorce and legal separation
    • Distance parenting or child custody disputes
    • Child support disputes
    • Elder care discussions
    • Family business disputes
    • Wills and Estate conflicts
  • Workplace Mediation – Patrick works with business owners, staff and employees to solve critical communication challenges and workplace issues. Mediation in the workplace leads to more cohesive and dynamic teams, safe working environments and increased loyalty. Some common issues are:
    • Communication challenges
    • Discrimination
    • Harassment
    • Workplace Boundaries
    • Contract Negotiations
    • Management Training
  • Group facilitation – Patrick can design and manage meetings for communities, small organizations, churches, clubs and political movements to help members resolve ongoing conflicts, achieve joint goals, increase effective communication and reinvigorate passion in the collective vision.


Fees for mediation are always less costly than for litigation.  The outcome with mediation is more forward-looking, building more shared respect and mutual understanding, allowing individuals to work better together in the future. By contrast, a litigated divorce is typically much more expensve financially and also expensive in terms of emotional, physical and spiritual costs, which can permanently damage families, businesses and organizations. 

General fees: Patrick charges $110/hr for mediation and has a sliding scale down to $60/hr for those with modest means.


An empowered divorce. 


Through mediation, Patrick guides people through the termination of a marriage partnership. All the members of the family benefit from working together to amicably settle disputes that arise when divorcing, while ensuring positive long-term relationships. Mediation will help the parties with all agreements necessary to process a legal dissolution of marriage, including property settlement, parenting  plans and child support agreements without ever having to go into Court.  Mediation of the divorce helps both parties save time and money; avoid stress and unreasonable delays.  Patrick assists the parties in the drafting of all requisite legal documents to complete a divorce in accordance with  the laws of the State of Montana and local District Court rules.

  • Parenting Plans  – Patrick helps to ensure that the needs of the children are forefront in developing effective parenting plans. Couples using mediation for parenting plans are committed to keeping children out of the legal process, and esuring they get the attention and care they deserve. The mediation process can lay effective ground rules for communication, keeping healthy boundaries between the parents and the children, and ensure an effective working relationship going forward. Families deserve parenting plans that provide for their children's best interests. As children age and mature, plans often require modification. At any step in the process, mediation can help families provide more effective care for the children and more ease in the parent's lives. 
  • Property Settlements – Mediation helps parties that are either going through a divorce or heirs to an estate, figure out a fair and reasonable division of all real and personal property.  Division of property or debts often is the centerpiece for personal financial security and welfare.  Patrick conducts mediation sessions to help parties discover how to make fair and reasonable provisions for everyone involved.  Parties are able to achieve equitable, fair and reasonable divisions of their marital or inherited estates.  

If you have questions or would like more information, contact Patrick: 

E-mail or call: 406-443-3439

Patrick is a volunteer for CDRC (Community Dispute Resolution Center) in Missoula, regularly working with the Civil court. He is also a member of the Montana Mediation Association.

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