Six steps to relaxation

Relaxation and self-soothing process (self-hypnosis)

1 - Acknowledge Your Feelings

Take a moment and become aware what emotions or feelings you are experiencing now. Describe your feelings with a word or two. For example, you could say, “I am feeling frustrated, tired, angry...”

Try to be as honest with yourself as you can. Say what it is you are actually feeling!

2 - Validate Yourself and Your Feelings

Then say to yourself, “I’m feeling  (your feelings)  and I am OK.”

Repeat this sentence with each of your feelings. Speak each sentence several times softly aloud and imagine you are speaking the words into where you feel them in your body.

It doesn’t matter if you believe you’re OK or not, just try the words and see how they feel.

3 - Ask for Needs and Wants

If you don’t feel completely safe and comfortable with your feelings, or if you would like to feel any other way now, ask yourself, “What do I need or want now to feel safe and comfortable?”

Imagine you could let your body respond to this question. Your response doesn’t need to be logical.

Whatever answer you receive, say to yourself, “I want or need (your words) now.”

This positive statement starts moving your towards what you want!

4 - Belly Breathing & Counting

Sit or stand straight, so you can take a deep breath.

Put your hand on your belly, over your belly button. Breathe in deeply into the place where your hand is resting. Just imagine the breath going all the way down into your hand. Feel the sensation of  the breath in that part of your belly as it expands and contracts with each breath. Enjoy the feeling of  the breath.

As you breathe, say to yourself, “When I reach one, I will feel ___________ (add what you wanted from #3 above.)”

Continue breathing into your belly, and count from 10 down to one with your breath. As you count imagine and remember feeling and being in the feelings that you’re needing. Remember it.

5 - Take your feelings with you

Whenever you’re ready, you can simply arouse yourself and continue with your day. You can take all the calm, relaxing feelings with you - you don’t ever have to leave them behind.

Any time you wish, you can remember your safe place, you can put your hand on your belly, and your can feel the safe happy feelings you enjoy.

Each time you do this, it comes easier and you gain a healthy control over your life!



Exercises are from: Transform Yourself - A Self-hypnosis Manual by Patrick Marsolek

ISBN 0-9769041-0-1 Paperback • $27.00 • 224 Pages • Includes Audio CD

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