Where is your stress-free zone?

Perhaps there's a physical place you can go; a favorite walk, a quiet room in the house, or even just a place to sit for a moment in the middle of the day. 
This stress-free 'place' might also be an inner place you can access with a shift in thinking. Do you remember the feeling of doing something that brings you joy? How about a time with someone who's near to your heart? 
Taking a moment to remember these experiences can shift your mental andphysical state profoundly. Would you like to experience that? Then, take some time and remember. 
And by all means, go to that special place as well. When we love ourselves, it's easier to extend that love to the world around us as well.

My current writing is focus on connection and interconnection with the world around us. These special feeling states are one kind of connection. When we cultivate awareness of these places and how we connect, we affirm that we live in an interconnected universe. The more we experience that, and attend to it, the more we can have a positive impact on the world around us!