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Meadow to Beach – learning self-hypnosis

Meadow to Beach
Nature-hypnosis Inductions

Patrick Marsolek leads you through guided visualizations and hypnotic inductions for learning Self-hypnosis and developing Mind/Body balance.

Track 1 – Learning Self-Hypnosis (27:00) – Guided induction using nature sounds, binaural beat frequencies, visualization, breathing, counting, and suggestions for learning how to access the subconscious for positive change.

Track 2 – Mind/body Balance – (25:57) – Same inductions and techniques as track 1 with suggestions for balancing and integrating the body and mind in a healthful, creative way.

Track 3 – Ocean Waves – (17:54) – Continuous wave sounds over binaural beat frequencies to assist heightened creativity and mental flexibility. To be used in the background while working, relaxing or meditation.