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Quit Smoking Now

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This audio hypnotherapy program addresses the underlying
cravings associated with tobacco addiction. You can quit
quickly, while regaining personal confidence, strength,
and peace of mind. You can learn these powerful self-hypnosis
tools to quit tobacco permanantly, without gaining weight!

These three hypnosis tracks guide you through the whole process of
quitting effectively; from intention setting, learning and using
self-hypnosis techniques to respond to cravings, leaving tobacco
behind, and staying clear and healthy in the future.

Effective for smokers and chew tobacco users.

Track 1 – Introduction and Laying the Groundwork (15:53)
Track 2 – Preparation, Practice and Learning (28:37)
Track 3 – Quitting for Good and Staying Healthy! (27:38)

All tracks use binaural sound technology to access your brains potential.

Do not use CD while driving.